7 Baby Steps of TransVeKinds & Replacetarians

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7 Baby Steps of Replacetarians

7 Necessary Baby Steps:

🔸️Baby Step 1. Replace Dairy
🔸️Baby Step 2. Replace Eggs
🔸️Baby Step 3. Replace Processed meats
(like Bacon)
🔸️Baby Step 4. Replace B12
🔸️Baby Step 5. Replace www.
🔸️Baby Step 6. Replace poison with Plant-Only
🔸️Baby Step 7. Learn about Replacetarian

Note: The “7 Necessary Baby Steps” begin with DEP (Dairy, Eggs, and Processed meats)! These are the most toxic poisons (food) we put in our mouths.

🔸️Baby Step 1. Replace Dairy

✔ 1. Replace milk with plant milk.
✔ 2. Replace cheese with nutritional yeast.
✔ 3. Replace ice cream with Ice Dream!

🔸️Baby Step 2. Replace Eggs

✔Replace eggs in cooking with ground flax!

🔸️Baby Step 3. Replace Processed Meats

The idea is to replace the bad (bacon, bologna, etc.) with the good (Picotoxin Free)! All processed meats are very bad for your health.

✔Replace bacon with beans!

🔸️Baby Step 4. Replace B12

✔Replace the B12 removed from our Fyuel!

Because of profit, mankind removed B12 from our Fyuel supply. Therefore ALL humans (even if you eat meat) must get B12 in fortified foods or take it as a supplement (many enjoy the spray B12).

🔸️Baby Step 5. Replace www.

✔Replace the www. with nothing!

“No Code is Faster than No Code!”
~ ~ Pop VeKind ~ ~

NO-WWW! Remove www. from websites (domains) you own!

This is about avoiding waste and environmental destruction of the Earth. Today there are better options on the Internet, www. wastes time, money, and Earth’s natural resources.

This may seem a little thing, however, it shows a commitment to all Sentient Beings who share the Earth. Our Sentient commitment of solidarity, even in the smallest of things!

I’ve seen plenty of websites that had 100-150 links on their front page, to pages within their site. Each link would have 4 unnecessary bytes (www.). Perhaps 8 if the address is visible. Times 150 links those 8 characters (4 {www.} x 2 x 150) would be 1,200 unneeded bytes every time the page was loaded!

Because Google receives so many of these. The extra “www” data is so huge. on their million servers. As a result, they could fill up a full hard drive every second of every day, 24/7! Think of the wasted time? What about the wasted power? Think of the wasted resources? The wasted money!

Good: VeKind.org
Bad: www.algore.com
Modified/Good: algore.com

🔸️Baby Step 6. Replace Poison with Plant-Only

✔Replace Picotoxins with a Plant-Only Plan!
✔Replace a Poison CATEGORY with Fyuel every 6 months or sooner.

Fish, chicken, and all oils would be great Categories to Replace. Poultry, pigs, humans, cows, kangaroos, fowl, horse, goats, sheep (including lamb), whales, dolphins, cats, dogs, elephants, and rhinos if you eat any of them! Remember the idea is to replace the bad (Poison/Picotoxin) with the good (Fyuel). Of course, Replace fiber removed “Stuff” (Poison) with Whole life-giving because it is low or no processed Fyuel! Think about eating Whole-some and Whole-listic!

🔸️Baby Step 7. Learn About Replacetarian

✔Replace Picotoxin Ignorance with Plant-Only Education!
✔Replace Food Foolishness with Plant-Only Wisdom!

Continue to educate yourself about Being VeKind and eating Fyuel (For Your Ultimate Earthly Life!) or Plant-Only. This includes the ETHICS of your health, the health of the Earth, and the health of other Sentient Beings!

Start by memorizing the meaning of VeKind:

“Being VeKind is a moral philosophy
about being kind and healthy.
Leading to an ethical lifestyle

of being healthy and kind!”

Consider studying the Truth And Inspiration Therapy.

Consider the Poison [Picotoxins in “food”] that you eat, what do you get? What is the real benefit? How harmful is it to you? What is the Picotoxin you’re eating? What Fyuel can Replace the benefits and be Picotoxin Free?


Your goal is to eat 100% Fyuel, or to follow a Plant-Only Plan, or the Truth And Inspiration Therapy (TAIT.Asia) and be fully VeKind! Fully healthy! Fully Picotoxin Free! As a result, you get a great life

Replacetarian is synonymous with TransVeKind!

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