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Replacetarian.org is for those who are overwhelmed by the idea of eating only plants. They often have questions like:

  • Where do I get my calcium?
  • What about B12?
  • Do plants have Vitamin A?
  • Where do I get my protein?

You might be interested to know that
a Plant-Only Plan has everything needed
by a human body for excellent health!

Replacetarianism takes you in small baby steps from eating a poisonous Carnarian, Vegetarian, or Vegan Diet, to eating based on a healthy Plant-Only Plan.

A high-protein or high-fat "vegan" diet,
just like the MEDS Diet
"Meat, Eggs, Dairy, and Stuff"
(all loaded with Picotoxins),
could still set you up for
"too much protein"
(protein poisoning!).

Avoid Unplanned, Unhealthy, High-Carb and High-Fat, and Highly Processed Eating. This reminds me of Jeff Novak’s acronym for what not to eat…


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